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This has been an incredible month for Spyglass beginning with the release of the Black History Virtual Museum.

  • 3D creation and editing solutions
  • Fully integrated QTVR services
  • Seamless implementation as flash or HTML 5 applications

Spyglass Photography  Working in 3D

In a collaboration with Webdrive, Spyglass Photography designed and built the entire photo realistic virtual environment  in 3D. Spyglass also delivered the full flash solution as an add on to Citizenship and Immigration Canada's web page.

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How  We  Did  It   

After assessing the client's requirement to create a virtual museum space, we explored together with the client various "looks" and possible materials to build an ideal space. Such consultations ranged from hardwood flooring in the exhibition rooms to the shape of couches in the lobby.  Spyglass photographers traveled to various stakeholder and partner sites across Canada to work on location. Numerous artifacts and spaces were photographed for use in the virtual museum, including 360 degree panoramas of historic locations (these can be viewed in rooms one and two within the virtual museum). 

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Public Relations

Minister of Citizenship Immigration and Multiculturalism, The Honourable Jason Kenney enthusiastically launched the Virtual Museum  as a kickoff to Black History month 2011. The response was overwhelmingly positve.

What others are saying about the Virtual Museum:

"You could travel to see all of these. Or you could sit at home at your computer during this chilly Black History Month and visit all of their key exhibits with a few keystrokes, thanks to the launch of a new online Black History Museum" read the full article 

"Citizenship and Immigration Canada launched a dynamic new resource this year for Black History Month. We think you'll find it useful, innovative, educational, and fun for your classes to explore Black History online" read the full article 

"Distinguished guest playing the online virtual black history museum game, Canadian Black History: An Interactive Experience" read the full article 

"A communications advisor for the citizenship ministry, Shadd, who had never before been to the school named for her ancestor, showed students how to navigate the virtual museum rooms, part of the classroom resources on the website called A Fun Path to Learning." read the full article